Ya-Ya Pod

Health & Safety Plan

Children’s health and safety are our most important priorities. We have created an agreement that will describe all the necessary health and safety measures based on the guidelines from NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and any additional precautions required by the host family. This agreement must be signed and agreed upon by all members of the Ya-Ya Pod. 

Each Ya-Ya Pod is a community consisting of families and the teacher. Together with the same goal in mind is to create the safest environment possible for everyone who is part of the Ya-Ya Pod.

Below is an brief overview of the agreement:

<When forming the pod>

  • A mandated meeting for everyone in the Ya-Ya Pod to review and discuss the Health & Safety Agreement.

  • All enrolled families will receive a customized Health & Safety Agreement signed and agreed among their Ya-Ya Pod members.

<Drop offs and pickups>

  • Please only only send your child to Ya-Ya Pod if he/she is 100% healthy

  • All families should be wearing face masks when dropping or picking up children at Ya-Ya Pod. 

  • Drop offs and pickups are at the host family door. 

  • Students, the teacher and the designated standby adult volunteer are required to complete the health screening before every class. Temperatures are checked and hands sanitized upon arrival while alongside their caregiver.

<Class in session>

  • All adults must wear face coverings at all times. It is strongly recommended for children to wear face coverings as well. 

  • When we leave for an outing children must wear a mask.

  • Other than the designated standby adult volunteer, there is no waiting area for non-host families and caregivers.

  • The teacher and children will be required to wash their hands routinely with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  • Frequently touched surfaces are cleaned thoroughly before and after by the teacher.

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