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Ya Ya Immersion

​The first Ya Ya Immersion class started with only six two-year-old children, in a home classroom back in 2011. Over the years, it became a destination preschool alternative program that attracted families from all over New York City. It was truly a one-of-a-kind Mandarin immersion program that has won the hearts and minds of countless preschoolers and their families. The creative educational team behind the Ya Ya curriculum consisted of talents from many fields, including but not limited to early childhood education, music education and art education.


Following the progressive education model, the dynamic ​Ya Ya curriculum focuses on hands-on and experiential learning. Young children learn best through play! They have the incredible ability to pick up Mandarin naturally and seamlessly through playful thematic units that are integrated with art, music, movement, drama, and science components.  Most importantly, the curriculum has been proven to work well for children, regardless of whether they already have Mandarin backgrounds.

Then in 2021, the original Ya Ya Immersion program branched out and became the core curriculum at our sister school Ya Ya Preschool, a nursery program for ages 2 to Pre-K. 

Our popular After School Ya Ya and Summer Ya Ya programs for ages 4 and up are now offered exclusively onsite at Ya Ya Preschool.

Together with Ya Ya Preschool, we hope to create the happiest childhood learning experience for all our children.

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