Ya Ya Immersion

​Launched more than a decade ago in 2011, Ya Ya Immersion was a popular preschool alternative program that has attracted many diverse families in Tribeca as well as all over New York City.  It was created and designed by a passionate team of native Mandarin speaking educators with graduate degrees from childhood education to music education. Over the years, the ​dynamic ​Ya Ya curriculum has been proven to work for a mixed age group and the students learn a wide range of subjects in​ a ​100% Mandarin immersive environment, integrating music, arts, science, math, and social studies, replicating the experience of attending preschool  in a Mandarin-speaking country.  Each class is taught by two to three teachers, ​ensuring a ​low student-to-teacher ratio and individual attention for each child.

Then in 2021, the original Ya Ya program has branched out and become the core curriculum at our sister school Ya Ya Preschool, where a full-day preschool program for age 2 to pre-K is offered, giving the families more options than before. As Ya Ya curriculum continued to grow, it has evolved and expanded beyond preschoolers to teach the whole spectrum of early childhood age group, from birth all the way to grade 2.  Both After School Ya Ya program and Summer Ya Ya program are age appropriate for age 2 to 8, and offered via our sister school Ya Ya Preschool!  

“Mandarin Seeds is amazing! My two year old daughter had no previous Mandarin exposure, but the teachers have always made her feel comfortable and kept her engaged. She now knows her animals, numbers and colors – and sings lots of Mandarin nursery rhymes to me which I don’t understand. I am very impressed“ - Anne R., mother of a 2 year old