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What is Ya Ya Immersion?

In 2011, the first Ya Ya Immersion class started with only six two-year-old children, in a home classroom in Tribeca. For nearly a decade, it became a destination preschool alternative program (age 2 to 4) that attracted families from all over New York City.

It was ​a truly a one-of-a-kind program that has won the hearts and minds of countless preschoolers and their families. 

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Meet Ya Ya Preschool

Fast forward to 2021, Ya Ya Preschool was born when the original Taiwanese founder Sarah Liu of Mandarin Seeds teamed up with another Taiwanese mother, Yufei Hsu whose two children benefited tremendously from the original Ya Ya Immersion program. As a Department of Health licensed nursery school, Ya Ya Preschool can now offer full-day program options that were not previously available in the original Ya Ya Immersion program. We are thrilled that the legacy of the original Ya Ya Curriculum will continue and open up infinite exciting possibilities in a full-day program.

Embark on a transformative new chapter with us at Ya Ya Preschool!

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