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The beginning of our story…  

The story began in 2008 when two mothers, one from Taiwan and another from Hong Kong, met in New York City for playgroups and thus began their journey together to find the best Mandarin program for their firstborns. Sharing the same passion for raising their children to become bilingual and their strong belief in the power of learning through music and play, they launched Mandarin Seeds. Their first two Mommy & Me Mandarin music classes (now known as Bao Bao Singalong) were held at a local yoga studio for their own children and friends.


For more than a decade, Mandarin Seeds continued to grow and became one of the most well-known Mandarin programs that specialized in early childhood years from birth to the early elementary school years, including the launch of the successful and popular preschool alternative program known as Ya Ya Immersion


Fast forward to the pivotal year of 2021, Ya Ya Preschool was born when the original Taiwanese founder Sarah Liu of Mandarin Seeds teamed up with another Taiwanese mother Yufei Hsu whose two children benefited tremendously from our Ya Ya Immersion program.

We invite you to come aboard and join us for the lifelong and joyful journey of Mandarin education! 

The next chapter...

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