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Mandarin Seeds Club


An after school Mandarin enrichment program for children ages 3 and above. A highly engaging and effective approach to learning Mandarin through STEAM projects and activities! Nurture the love of the language and build a strong foundation that sets up your children for success in later stages of Mandarin studies.


Highly Selective Educators

We take pride in adhering to the highest selection criteria for qualified Mandarin teachers. Our teachers participate in ongoing training and receive support from hands-on Directors who ensure consistent curriculum planning.


STEAM Projects & Activities

Our teachers are experts at designing open-ended art projects and stimulating science experiments. The teachers primarily use Mandarin instructions to guide these hands-on activities. The goal is to replicate an extracurricular experience similar to what students would have in Taiwan or China.



A Bridge Program

This distinctive program serves as a bridge between early childhood years and the later stages of Mandarin studies focusing on reading and writing. We do not teach Chinese character reading and writing intentionally or systematically as our focus is on helping children elevate their Mandarin listening and speaking skills. Our immersive environment is designed to act as an invisible teacher, with Chinese characters labeled everywhere, on the bulletin board, calendar, projects, story books, etc. Some early readers may pick up Chinese characters through the exposure to our environment and the class activities organically.

2024-25 Registration opens in April.

Mandarin Seeds Club will be offered at our sister school Ya Ya Preschool.

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