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Bao Bao Singalong 


The most popular Grownup & Me Mandarin music class!


Since 2008, we have been the go-to place to experience the best Mandarin & Music class for babies and toddlers!  The 45-minute music class is featured with our own in-house produced music with original lyrics that are integrated with our in-house Bao Bao Big Books!  Our lively musical curriculum is taught in 100% Mandarin to give the child a full Mandarin immersion experience; they will learn rhythms and movement,  play with musical instruments, and explore topic vocabulary. 


Sing along with your child and give your child the gift of music and exposure to Mandarin! 

All our teachers are native Mandarin speakers who have completed the intensive training and certification program by Mandarin Seeds.


  • Families of ALL language and cultural backgrounds are welcome! 

  • A perfect head start for your child before applying to Ya Ya Preschool.

  • Small class size with ample interaction with the teacher.

  • Families will receive a digital link to all the songs taught in the semester.

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