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Preschool Prep Summer 2019 (6/25-8/1)

Summer semester: June 25th - August 1st, 2019

Class time: Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 - 11:00 am


Caretakers are required to stay at our facility for the entire duration of the class.

Preschool Prep is a 90-minute class for 20-30 month olds. The class helps children get a head start in learning preschool routines and social skills. Each class has two teachers who are both Mandarin native speakers.

Caretakers are required to stay in the classroom with the child if the child is not ready to separate. Even in the case when the child is ready to separate, caretakers are required to wait outside the classroom for the entire duration of the class.

Teachers teach all activities, including center play, music, arts, stories, and movement in 100% Mandarin. Background in Mandarin is not required.

Preschool Prep Summer 2019 (6/25-8/1)

  • Class Policy:

    1. No make-up class.


    2. Caretakers are required to accompany the child for the entire duration of the class. Mandarin Seeds reserves the right to not provide service to students/parents who fail to abide by the policy. In the case of cancellations or dismissals executed by Mandarin Seeds, pro-rated refund will be issued.




    Refund Policy:
    There will be a $100 cancellation fee for all refund requests. For all students who registered before 6/25/2019, the last date to request refund is 7/8/2019. Parents must submit a written request for refund to

    For those who register after 6/25/2019, there will be a 14-days Grace Period after the payment date to request refund. The final prorated refund is the tuition for the remaining unattended classes minus the cancellation fee. No more refund request will be accepted after the Grace Period ends.

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