Early Years Mandarin Music Program

"The younger children start, the better their mastery of the tones and nuances of Mandarin Chinese. Their natural ability to hear and reproduce the critical sounds and tonal differences in Mandarin is one that diminishes over time." Developmental Linguist


"We really enjoyed it. Will definitely go back. My daughter jumped right in and was speaking some Mandarin words during her first class. She enjoyed the music too. The teacher was perfectly encouraging to the kids. They incorporated a fun little seasonally appropriate art project too, which was nice." Kate, Mom of 2y

"My 21 month old son loved this class. He tends to be a bit everywhere and scattered and I was so impressed with how the teacher commanded his attention. Great class and we are considering joining for a semester." Jane, Mom of 1y

Grownup & Me Mandarin Music Class (45 minutes, birth to 3 years)


A Mandarin immersion music class that is a fun introduction to the language for both children and grownups alike. Sing and learn Mandarin with your child!  The class introduces children to the Mandarin Chinese language while singing, exploring musical instruments, learning rhythms, and moving their bodies. Through a lively curriculum that seamlessly combines music and Mandarin, children get familiar with the sounds and intonations of Mandarin. Our music curriculum has been developed and fine tuned over the years by a team of music teachers, all Mandarin native speakers, with graduate degrees in music education. Each registered family will receive a link to download all of the original songs that we sing in class. All the teachers are fluent Mandarin speakers who have completed the Mandarin Seeds music teacher training program. Caretakers are required to stay with their children in the classroom for the entire duration of the class. Background in Mandarin is not required. 

Grownup & Me Mandarin Music Class is offered in several locations. Visit here for more details.

Preschool Prep Class (90 minutes, age 20 months to 3 years)


A full-immersion 90-minute Mandarin class that is designed to give your child a head start in learning preschool routines and social skills, while singing and learning Mandarin! This is a gentle transition class to help your child learn separation gradually, before attending a drop-off program, like Ya-Ya Immersion program. In addition to our original music curriculum, this class incorporates various fun activities such as center play, mini art projects and story time, all taught in 100% Mandarin. The nurturing environment gives children the opportunity to learn independence and take the first step in communicating with Mandarin vocabulary. A caretaker must stay in the classroom or wait outside the classroom for the entire duration of this class. Background in Mandarin is not required. Limited spots available. Register today before spots are gone!

Preschool Prep Class is offered in Tribeca location, click here to register.