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Big Kids Mandarin 小學班


All our in-person physical programs are temporarily closed due to the pandemic, please check out our virtual @home programs here 

Sprouts, 120-min (age 5 - 8, class meets twice a week)

This class is designed for big kids who are ready to take on more challenges in studying Mandarin beyond early years, which will include learning Simplified Chinese with pinyin phonetic system that is used in China, practicing conversations, basic reading and writing of Chinese characters. The Sprouts class incorporates usage of the textbooks My First Chinese Reader designed by Better Chinese, which has been adopted by the education department in several US states. Beyond the textbook, the class will also incorporate fun activities, games, arts, projects, worksheets, and stories. As always, the teacher is trained to follow Mandarin Seeds teaching philosophy in ensuring that learning is dynamic and fun.


This class is suitable for students learning Mandarin as a second language and designed for mixed levels of Mandarin abilities. Ya-Ya Immersion graduates will have priority in registration. An interview will be required for any new student as basic understanding of Mandarin conversations and classroom instructions is required.

Hua-Yu (華語班) 120-min (age 5 - 8, class meets once a week)

Suitable for students who speak fluent Mandarin and Mandarin support at home is also mandatory. This class uses textbooks designed by Kang Hsuan 康軒出版社 Educational Publisher, in Traditional Chinese 繁體字. The curriculum incorporates discussions, studies of Chinese characters, theme stories, and projects that will cover a wide range of subjects from arts to science. To take this class, children must have home support in completing weekly take-home assignments.

*Mandarin Seeds reserves the rights to place a student in the appropriate class based on assessment of a student’s Mandarin level. 

Please use the Contact Us form to schedule an assessment with us if you're interested in Big Kids Mandarin.

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