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Q: At what age can my child start to attend Ya-Ya Immersion?

A: Minimum age to start our Ya-Ya Immersion program is 2 years old. That is, your child must turn 2 by the first day of school. For children between 20 months to 36 months, we strongly recommend our Preschool Prep program which will help transition into our Ya-Ya program.


Q: Do my child need to know some Mandarin?

A: Prior Mandarin background is not necessary. At this early age, a child picks up a language, whether Mandarin or English, naturally by being immersed in an environment where the target language is spoken. We also provide extra support curriculum materials for the families if they wish to give the child extra Mandarin support at home.


Q: Is mixed age approach good for my child?

A: Many studies point to benefits of mixed-age grouping, which is also embraced by various early childhood educational approaches, such as Montessori. Younger children learn more complex language and types of play from the older children, while the older children have opportunities to practice leadership skills and pro-social behaviors, like helping and sharing. At Mandarin Seeds, the children are grouped by many factors, including age, Mandarin ability, and temperament.


Q: How big is the class size?

A: Our class has a maximum of 12 children with 2 teachers, and a third floater teacher is also present when a class needs extra support. Our education director is also very hands-on and a frequent presence in our classrooms.

Q: How is separation handled?

A: Separation anxiety is common in preschool, and we fully understand that it can be challenging for both the children and parents. Some children may transition quickly after only several days while some children may need 4 to 6 weeks for adjustment. We respect the pace of each individual child and our teachers are caring and patient during this phase-in process. The teachers will also work closely with the caretakers to ensure a smooth transition.


Q: How can I help my children review Mandarin at home?

A: Our teachers send out a topic emails detailing the subjects and vocabulary learned every 3-4 weeks. They also provide extra supplementary curriculum materials about the topics, songs and vocabulary for the families.


Q: What comes before and after Ya-Ya Preschool?

A: Before Ya-Ya Immersion, we recommend our 45-minute Mommy & Me music program in Mandarin for 0 to 3 years, and Preschool Prep program for 20 months to 36 months. After Ya-Ya Immersion, our children go to a wide range of public and private schools. Our director can also provide consultation and help families navigate the ex-mission process. Many of our children also continued to study with us at Big Kids Mandarin.

Q: When do I need to apply?

A: Enrollment period is October to August. Please check our website to submit the application. Attending the open house or scheduling a private tour is highly recommended.

Q: Is there a snack/food policy?

A: Mandarin Seeds does not serve any of our snack or food. All snacks/food must be prepared at home by each family and NUT FREE to prevent any allergy incidents. We have a refrigerator to help you store food that require refrigeration, but we do not have a microwave to heat up any food. We kindly ask parents to choose healthy and safe snacks such as cut up fresh fruits.

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