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Ya-Ya Pod Application for Academic Year 2021-2022

Ya-Ya Pod (芽芽家園) is a small group learning program based on our popular Ya-Ya Immersion curriculum, created by our dedicated team of educators who are experienced in both early childhood and Mandarin education!

Children will learn school skills through play in a Mandarin immersion environment while enjoying the benefits of learning safely in the comfort of a family home.



  • Children must be 2 years of age by September 1, 2021 to be admitted.

  • One grownup among the family group is required to stand by and assist with the outing, bathroom and hands-on project time when necessary 

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Please select the semester(s) you are interested in

Click here for sample daily schedule

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Please select the semester(s) you are interested in

Fall 2021 Schedule & Tuition

September 13th to Dec 17th, 2021

[Morning Pod] 

[Afternoon Pod]

2 ½ hours (between 9AM to 12PM, agreed upon by the POD)

2 hours (between 3PM to 6PM, agreed upon by the POD)

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Please select the schedule you wish to enroll. You may select more than one.

If you are interested in hosting the Ya-Ya Pod, please fill out this part.

We offer 5% tuition discount for your generosity

How many students, including your own, are you comfortable in hosting?

Host Home Address:

If you are interested in joining the Ya-Ya Pod, please fill out this part.

Please select the type of Pod you are interested in
Please select all the neighborhoods that you can travel to for Ya-Ya Pod.

Student Information

Any background information that you wish to share about your child? 

Any comment, question or concern?

* Our team is committed to thoughtful planning and careful consideration of various factors before we will proceed in forming a potential pod. A mandatory meeting with all the pod family members together will be required in reviewing all the safety and health measures, which must be agreed upon by all the members before a pod can be confirmed.

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