2020 Summer Immersion Program

​快 樂 過 暑 假

Join us for a fun and creative Mandarin learning experience this summer!

Summer Semester June 22nd 2020 - July 31st 2020

Location: 23 Warren Street, Tribeca, New York

  • Age 3y - 4y Group: 4 Mornings every week,  Monday to Thursday 9AM - 12PM

Children need to be 3y of age by June 1st 2020 or currently enrolled in Ya-Ya Immersion Spring 2020 program to register.

  • Age 4y - 5y Group: 5 Days every week, Monday to Friday 9AM - 3PM

Children need to be 4y of age by June 1st 2020 to register.

  • Age 6y - 8y Group: 5 Days every week, Monday to Friday 9AM - 3PM

Children need to be 6y of age by June 1st 2020 to register.


We are moving our fun summer program online, please click here to check out our @home program for 0-10y. 

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Week One 6/22 - 6/26

Ya-Ya Toy Company


All children love playing with toys but do you want to know how each toy is made? Ya-Ya Toy Company will bring you behind the scenes and first introduce you to all kinds of fun toys from past to present, traditional and modern! Next, we will design our own toys by drawing it out and deciding on the materials needed. We will then look for these materials and make our own exciting toys, which will be displayed in our Ya-Ya Toy Store. We look forward to welcoming you in! 

Week Two 6/29 - 7/2 (No class on 7/3)

Tour of Asia - Singapore


Oh, we are going on an exciting trip again! This time, we will be going to Singapore, a country situated in Asia, which is full of beauty and charm! Did you know that most Singaporeans can speak at least 2 languages? We will meet these warm-hearted and friendly Singaporeans and see their beautiful traditional costumes from different cultures. Singapore also has a wide variety of delicious food, which can be found in their hawker centres. We will also get to try their unique Nyonya cuisine! In addition, Singapore is home to a mystical merlion, fun-filled Trick Eye Museum, romantic boat rides down the Singapore River at Clarke Quay and exciting shopping districts such as Bugis Junction and Orchard Road. Take a trip with us to Singapore, you won't regret it! 

Week Three 7/6 - 7/10

Ya-Ya Supermarket's Little Boss


New York has tons of different types of supermarkets! Big ones, small ones, grocery stores, lifestyle stores and supermarkets unique to different countries! Supermarkets provide us with our daily necessities, making daily living a lot more convenient. But how do we operate an awesome supermarket? Let us open the Ya-Ya Supermarket for business, and you as the Little Boss will decide what we should bring in, how we display them, who we need to employ and how we promote our supermarket to attract more customers. It's not easy to run a supermarket but we think you will enjoy it!

Week Four 7/13 - 7/17

Let's Go Camping Together!


When we think of fun summer activities, how can we miss out on camping? Let's go camping together and appreciate the great big outdoors! But what should we prepare when we go camping? Who will bring the equipment? Who knows the important safety knowledge? And most importantly, who will plan all the fun activities? Well, do you want to have an amazing bonfire night with us? Do you want to go rowing and fishing together? Do you want to barqueue delicious food out in the open fields? Do you want to have an adventure in the woods? Wait no further and join our exciting camping trip!

Week Five & Six 7/20 - 7/31

Ya-Ya Olympics


The Olympics that occurs once every four years is happening again! On 7/24, this widely anticipated event will begin in Tokyo, Japan with participants from every country! Have you watched the Olympics before? What is the Olympics like? Believe me when I say that the opening and closing ceremonies will dazzle you and you will fall in love with the exciting sporting events held each Olympics. Of course, you will also experience the mighty Olympic spirit - mutual understanding, lasting friendships, solidarity and fair play. From track and field to rowing, all kinds of ball sports to shooting, gymnastics to weight-lifting, these various sporting events will begin at the inaugural Ya-Ya Olympics and we look forward to meeting all our little participants here! 

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