Summer 2019 Mandarin Seeds Album

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Summer 2019 Mandarin Seeds Album

  • 01 Hello! 你好!
    02 Make a Circle 圍圓圈 
    03 Five Little Frogs 五隻青蛙
    04 Alligator Has No Teeth 鱷魚沒有牙
    05 London Bridge is Falling Down 倫敦鐵橋垮下來
    06 The Butterfly Song 蝴蝶歌
    07 Rocking Horse 小木馬
    08 A Hot Summer 好熱的夏天
    09 Happy Birthday 生日快樂
    10 A Busy City 忙碌的城市
    11 Hello Summer 夏天到了 
    12 Little Athletes 小小運動家
    13 Dear Daddy and Mommy 親愛的爸爸媽媽
    14 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 小星星
    15 Goodbye 再見 
    16 Clean Up 幫忙


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