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Sprouts Tues & Thurs

Sprouts Mandarin Age 5y – 7y

Every Tuesday and Thursday

Spring semester: 1/28 - 6/7


Sprouts curriculum is designed for children learning Mandarin as a second language. The teachers for Sprouts Mandarin specialize in teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages and childhood education. The curriculum provides children with the opportunity to build skills in listening comprehension and conversational Mandarin. The curriculum also teaches children in reading Chinese characters as well as writing basic strokes and characters. The teacher will also incorporate Chinese calligraphy, arts & crafts activities related to Chinese culture and language. 


Steady Track (Twice a week)

This class is suitable for children who want to continue studies in Mandarin at a more consistent level beyond exposure. The teachers will use minimal English only when necessary, in order to ensure student understanding of the materials taught. Each unit will be covered and reviewed for a two-week period. Background or past experience in Mandarin Chinese is strongly recommended, though not strictly required.

Sprouts Tues & Thurs

  • Class Policies:
    - This is a drop-off class
    - No make up class for missed classes
    - Please bring a nut-free snack and a water bottle to each class

    Refund Policies:
    There will be a $100 cancellation fee for all refund requests. For all students who registered before 1/28/2019, the last date to request refund is 2/8/2019. Parent must submit a written request via email for refund. 

    For those who register after 1/28/2019, there will be a 14-days Grace Period after the payment date to request refund. The final prorated refund is the tuition for the remaining unattended classes minus the cancellation fee. No more refund request will be accepted after the Grace Period ends.


    Mandarin Seeds reserves the rights to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances. Mandarin Seeds also reserves the rights to not provide service to students or parents due to limited resource. In the case of cancellations or dismissals executed by Mandarin Seeds, pro-rated refund will be issued.

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