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A native speaker from Taiwan who is fluent in Mandarin and English. Sarah also speaks Taiwanese dialect, and studied Japanese as her third language. After graduating from Stanford University with a Master degree in Computer Science, she has worked in financial industry in New York City and Tokyo for many years. Motherhood has changed her focus to her children and it has rekindled her old passion in early childhood education, music, and language. She has started Mandarin Seeds to create a playful and challenging environment where her children will be proud and happy in learning Mandarin Chinese, as well as gaining a deep understanding and appreciation of Chinese language and culture. Her biggest rewards have been seeing her two children flourish in the Mandarin Seeds world.


Business Manager


Yufei was born and raised in Taiwan and holds a masters degree in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University. She started her relationship with Mandarin Seeds as a parent who wanted a fun, high-quality Mandarin education for her sons to whom she speaks exclusively in Mandarin. Prior to coming to Mandarin Seeds, she designed and taught Mandarin classes to young students in another language program. Drawn to the rich curriculum at Mandarin Seeds, she took on a teaching position with the Grownup & Me program in 2016. Yufei recently became Mandarin Seed’s new Business Coordinator. She is incredibly excited to have this role as it allows her to meet and develop relationships with new people and work with them towards shared goals - providing engaging Mandarin education/environment to the next generation. In her spare time, Yufei also operates her own baking studio, offering baking classes to adults and seasonal pastries.

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