Preschool Prep

for 20-36 months


Preschool Prep (90 minutes, 20m-36m)


A full-immersion 90-minute Mandarin class that is designed to give your child a head start in learning preschool routines and social skills, while singing and learning Mandarin! This is a gentle transition class to help your child learn separation gradually, before attending a drop-off program, like Ya-Ya Immersion program. In addition to our original music curriculum, this class incorporates various fun activities such as center play, mini art projects and story time, all taught in 100% Mandarin. The nurturing environment gives children the opportunity to learn independence and take the first step in communicating with Mandarin vocabulary. A caretaker must stay in the classroom or wait outside the classroom for the entire duration of this class. Background in Mandarin is not required. Limited spots available. Register today before spots are gone!

Preschool Prep Class is offered in Tribeca.

Registration starts in summer. Stay tuned.

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