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Ya-Ya Big Kids @home  

for 6 - 10 years old


Let the fun of learning Mandarin continues this summer at home 

 Morning Class

cap at 8

Class meets at 9:15am - 12:00pm, Monday to Friday.


Our content-rich Mandarin immersion summer curriculum has been transformed by our creative teaching team to a virtual format, with the same playful spirit of Mandarin Seeds! Packed with exciting topic discussions and projects, as well as featuring small group work times. The class will be taught in Mandarin immersive style and appropriate for students who can understand Mandarin classroom instructions. Please check FAQs for commonly asked questions.  A typical lesson structure: 

   Meeting Circle Time Calendar/Weather/Season/Sharing
   Topic Discussion Topic Vocabulary / Conversation Practice
   Topic Project Time  Art / Science / Culture
   Small Groups Work Time (Student / Teacher ratio = 4 : 1)
      - Character Study 

      - Vocabulary Game
      - Sentence Building

      -  Worksheet Practice
   Storybook Reading
   Visiting Specialist 1-2 times per week
   Review & Goodbye

Big Kids Club

cap at 4

Time Slots: 1PM to 2PM or 2:15PM to 3:15PM

A 60-minute class that meets 4 times from Monday to Thursday afternoons. A great way to strengthen Mandarin, explore the topic in further depth with a smaller group, as well as creating more interactive and bonding time with the teacher and with their friends! Activities may range from a variety of theme projects (arts /science / cooking etc), virtual field trips, games etc. It can be signed up as a standalone, or as an extra supplement to the morning class.