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for 0-12 years

Mandarin Seeds has been teaching Mandarin to children in NYC since 2008. Our core value has always remained the same - to create a positive Mandarin immersion learning experience for children in their formative years of early childhood. During these uncertain times, our team wholeheartedly believes that virtual format is the safest way to provide continuity of Mandarin education and a consistent learning experience with minimal disruptions.

Our talented and creative teaching team has reimagined our original Mandarin Seeds curriculum and recreated unique online virtual programs for each age group that have truly captured the heart of Mandarin Seeds playful spirit. Since the launch of our virtual online programs in Spring of 2020, we are forever grateful to the enthusiastic support of many families to keep us moving forward!

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0 - 3y


2 - 5y


6 - 12y


2 - 8y

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