The beginning of our story…  

The story began in 2008 when two New York City moms, both native Mandarin speakers, met and started their journey together to find the best Mandarin program for their toddlers. Sharing the same passion for raising their children to become bilingual and their strong belief in the power of learning through music and play, they launched Mandarin Seeds. Their first two Mommy & Me Mandarin music classes were held at a local yoga studio for their own children and friends.


To this day, music and play both remain an integral part of the programs at Mandarin Seeds. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of many families throughout the years, Mandarin Seeds continued to gain popularity and expanded to become a full-fledged Mandarin language learning center, teaching children for all of early childhood years, from birth to grade 2. 


Then in year 2021, the team behind Mandarin Seeds has launched Ya Ya Preschool.  The two schools are sister schools: Mandarin Seeds will focus on the music-based Bao Bao Singalong, the grownup & me programs for babies and toddlers from birth to age 2; while Ya Ya Preschool will offer a full-day preschool program for age 2 to pre-K, as well as summer and after school Ya Ya programs for children up to age 8. 


Together with Ya Ya Preschool, our mission remains the same, to create a joyful and positive Mandarin learning experience for children during the critical years of their early childhood.  What we want for our children is beyond learning the Mandarin​ language and exploring the Chinese culture: we also want to foster their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. With a child-centered teaching philosophy, we respect the different learning styles and diverse backgrounds of our students.

In partnership with our families, we will open doors and build bridges to connect our children to an increasingly globalized world. Come join our Mandarin Seeds and Ya Ya Preschool community and we can't wait to embark on this wonderful journey with your family!