The beginning of our story…  

It all began in 2008 when two New York City moms, both native Mandarin speakers, met and started their quest together to find the best Mandarin program for their young children. Sharing the same passion for raising their children to become bilingual, they were disappointed by the lack of quality Mandarin program options designed specifically for early childhood. After extensive research and training in childhood music programs, they launched Mandarin Seeds. Their first two Mommy & Me Mandarin music classes were held at a local yoga studio for their own children and friends.


To this day, music remains to be an integral part of the programs at Mandarin Seeds. After gaining early success and popularity with the subsequent Ya-Ya Immersion program, Mandarin Seeds continued to evolve and grow steadily. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of many families throughout the years, Mandarin Seeds has grown to be a full-fledged Mandarin language learning center, teaching children for all of early childhood years, from birth to age 7.


More than just learning Mandarin...

True to our slogan, "where Mandarin is a playground," our vision is to create a playful and positive full-immersion environment where children will discover joy in learning the Mandarin​ language and about Chinese culture. With a child-centered teaching philosophy, we respect the different learning styles and diverse backgrounds of the students. Our low student-to-teacher ratio also ensures each child is given individual attention and a high quality learning experience.

What we teach at Mandarin Seeds is beyond just learning a language! We are opening doors and building bridges to connect our children to an increasingly globalized world, and helping them cultivate a lifelong passion and appreciation of both Mandarin language and Chinese culture.

Come join our Mandarin Seeds community, and we will embark on a wonderful Mandarin learning journey together!